Wednesday, May 13, 2009

   its been a while i never update my new blog. well i've been busy for the last couple of week. MY working roster is sucks. i have to do back to back shift. its kinda crazy but i have nothing againts what been arrange for me from my upper manager. cause if do so, i will get the shit in the end of the day..(not good not good) . how i wish the economy get better sooner so that i can go for interview for another job again. its sucks, but i dont mind waiting. cause this is a good opportunity for me to learn more and improve my skill in order to do good in the upcoming airlines interview. i know i make a lots of mistake last time and this is the good time to improve it.(yeah you can yanto)

 someone said that dave will be back to singapore. i feel super excited cause dave is the best friend that have a same interest like i do. last time when he still on job training here at my working place, we have a lot of fun together. i will never stop laughing when his around. even we have the worst day at work he will always make me lough. we always hang out together, go clubbing or just walk around(JALAN JALAN). hmm.. just cant wait for him to come to singapore again. we will paint the town red..hahaha

i am also looking foward to see one girl name dona de latorre come back to singapore. she is super nice girl i ever known. eventough she got attitude but she  my girl. she is funny and up for anything. i like to work with her and i used to tease her about her hair. actualy i felt jealous cause she got nice hair and i dont..wakakaka...DONA..come back to singapore as soon as possible. lets do GIMMIK together with dave and others...yayyyyyyyyyyy

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