Sunday, June 28, 2009

good weekend

 to start? i should say i hate to welcome monday but i have to. its 1.02am in the morning and i still dint feel sleepy, eventough my shift will start in about 7 hours from now. Yesterday i have a blast with my lovely ladies friend( reqha and jeena) we having such a good time at ATTICA. that place is too crowdy and touristy( and yeah a lot of desperates asian ladies who have a big hope to hooked up with caucasian peeps)..what a lame

Saturday, May 16, 2009

it afternoon time here at Singapore. i was sitting here with Keith and lulu watching TV and doing almost nothing. anyway it Sunday here and the weather outside is looking good. im thinking to go out later after 2pm. but i don't know where to go. i bet Keith wont join me cause he still a little bit out of sober..hhahaha.

last night I've been watching MTV Chanel and they show PARIS HILTON MY NEW BFF reality show. i found out that the show is soooooooo corny and stupid. i wonder why people are dying to be her bff. i guess they just what to be a fame whore. what a low...

o ya..this is my lates picture...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

   its been a while i never update my new blog. well i've been busy for the last couple of week. MY working roster is sucks. i have to do back to back shift. its kinda crazy but i have nothing againts what been arrange for me from my upper manager. cause if do so, i will get the shit in the end of the day..(not good not good) . how i wish the economy get better sooner so that i can go for interview for another job again. its sucks, but i dont mind waiting. cause this is a good opportunity for me to learn more and improve my skill in order to do good in the upcoming airlines interview. i know i make a lots of mistake last time and this is the good time to improve it.(yeah you can yanto)

 someone said that dave will be back to singapore. i feel super excited cause dave is the best friend that have a same interest like i do. last time when he still on job training here at my working place, we have a lot of fun together. i will never stop laughing when his around. even we have the worst day at work he will always make me lough. we always hang out together, go clubbing or just walk around(JALAN JALAN). hmm.. just cant wait for him to come to singapore again. we will paint the town red..hahaha

i am also looking foward to see one girl name dona de latorre come back to singapore. she is super nice girl i ever known. eventough she got attitude but she  my girl. she is funny and up for anything. i like to work with her and i used to tease her about her hair. actualy i felt jealous cause she got nice hair and i dont..wakakaka...DONA..come back to singapore as soon as possible. lets do GIMMIK together with dave and others...yayyyyyyyyyyy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A little update about what happn today. ummm actually, nothing much happen anyway. it just regular day that always happen like any other day. i just reach home at about 12.15am just now. felt soo tired and i got big headache...ouchhhhhhh!!..i manage to relesed the pain by swallow 2 tablet of panadol. Today we got a new restaurant manager. Wonder how long it will be last, cause as long as i can remember ive been working with soo many manager that come and go within 3 years. As for me i looking forward to work with him eventough he dint show a good first impression to me( well who the hell am i to say that?)))hahah.

Monday, April 27, 2009

selamat pagi semua..aku bangun awal pagi ni. kunun kunun mau pi joging lah tapi awan gelap betul di luar. so aku just makan sarapan sama kucing aku si lulu. keith masih membuta di biliknya. habis tu aku betul betul rasa mau pi joging. aku keluar tengok keadaan. hujan ndak jadi so aku pakai aku punya baju joging dan lari around the block. bayak nenek nenek sama datuk datuk buat tai chi di luar. nampaknya aku jak yang orang muda lari macam orang gila di sana..gila mengakali. selepas satu round aku putuskan untuk pulang rumah. penat siaaaaa. sampai rumah terus mandi dan makan lagi( telugung kan, habis lari makan lagi) lulu pun ikut sma aku makan(gemok lah kau lulu..habis lah kau). Dalam masa yang sama aku pun check check aku punya email, muka buku, apa apa lah. then aku dicided untuk buat movie trough my window vista movie maker. macam apa jak kan. tapi ini lah hasil nya. gambar gambar aku meyundal ssma kawan kawan aku di st james power house station..ok lah , mau sambung tidur ni. my shift today. 3pm till 11pm. malas mau layan hantu hantu di sana tu..CAPEK DEHHHHHHHHHHH...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a bright sunday....

good morning to everyone,

well, this is the first entry for my bolg. i dint have much to tell for now, it just a bringt sunday outside and i have a lot of thing to do today. I hope the good weather will last till afternoon.

cheers everyone